David Ellis – Teacher of Crystal Therapy

David is the author of Mind – Heart Connection. He has been a Therapist since 1998 and a teacher in Crystal Therapy and Colour Healing at the Atlantis Institute.

He uses his life experience and academic learning, as he helps clients to reduce stress in their lives, to find harmony and balance and to find inner peace. He is a Well Being Coach and Therapist and specialises in the areas of Stress, Depression and Addiction.

David is a teacher at the Atlantis Institute where he now teaches his Crystal Therapy and Colour Therapy on line or via Zoom.

He loves to teach and share his wisdom on the Crystalline Kingdom.

His motto is:

“If I have no honour or integrity – then I have nothing”



Home to Authentic Internationally Certified Crystal Therapy and Colour Therapy Courses professionally accredited and delivered by David Ellis providing you with a fully supported and interactive learning experience.





David Ellis operates The Positive Mind Clinic which focuses on a  Holistic approach to Mind Matters because Mind Matters become Body Matters and all Body Matters need to be treated in a Holistic manner.

When there is an incongruence between the conscious and subconscious mind,  Stress is created within the body, which in turn creates disease within the entire physical, emotional and spiritual bodies.



“When we smile we release Serotonin into the brain, and we begin to feel better in ourselves. When we Smile, others Smile back and they begin to feel better inthemselves, and it cost nothing to make each-other just feel better. So go ahead and just SMILE!”
David Ellis