We SOURCE – In order to sell the highest vibrational Crystals and Minerals, fou must firstly source our Crystals from the finest mines and suppliers who operate their business with INTEGRITY.


We LOVE – We love what we do and that love flows in and around the beauty of the gifts of Mother Earth, that eventually adorn interiors and assist us in our connection and our spiritual well-being.


We CLEANSE – In order to transform the way people perceive and experience crystals, those Crystals must be energetic, authentic and vibrant, and so we spend time in the ritual of Crystal Cleansing to ensure your experience is a whole hearted, authentic connective experience.


We DREAM – Our innermost dreams and desires are that we can awaken people, to inspire them and educate them to the potential that crystals may hold for us.


May the Light of the Universe Guide and Surround you Always.

David P. Ellis


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