Clear Quartz Dolphin – Brazil



ITEM: These are exquisite examples of  ‘A Grade’ Clear Quartz Hand Carved Polished Dolphins from Brazil

SIZE: 50mm long x  20mm tall x 20mm wide and weigh 15 grams each

QUANTITY: Sold in a pack of ONE

NOTE: As crystals are natural products, born within Mother Earth, they are natural products and may have some natural imperfections or hairline cracks or indentations on the outer surface of the Crystal.

PROMISE: We promise to provide you with the finest vibration of Crystal, the Crystal you receive may differ slightly from that in the image, but will be no small, in weight or size.

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Clear quartz Dolphin – Each of us possesses a symbolic animal or a friendly guide to lead us into our subconscious and help with our spiritual discovery. These animal spirit guides will teach you the lessons of life. You may have more than one totem at different times in your life. You can connect with the spiritual energy of your animal spirit guide to improving your quality of life.

Use animal totems to learn something new each day. By getting to know your animal totem, you can understand your own life circumstances more clearly and share in the totem power.

The dolphin spirit animal represents harmony and balance. Dolphins are both highly intelligent and closely in tune with their instincts, striking a balance between the two states. Dolphins are also a symbol of protection and resurrection. Their playful nature is a reminder that everyone needs to approach life with humour and joy. People who identify with the dolphin totem are usually peaceful and gentle but with a deep inner strength.


Mental: Reduces foggy brain, brings clarity to the mind, allows for focus, concentration and expansion of the thought process within the realms of truth and heart-based feelings.

Physical Enhances energy flow, reduces swelling and pain.  Helpful to stop bleeding and has a soothing and positive effect on the skin.  Clear quartz reawakens those parts of the body that have been asleep, paralysed, numb or cold.

Emotional: Clear Quartz supports our limitations and boundaries.  It helps to allow our left and right brain hemispheres to work in harmony.


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Weight 40 g


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