Amethyst Origin Amethyst is a semi-precious stone that derives its name from the Ancient Greek word “μέθυστος méthystos” denoting drunkenness. This was in reference to the belief that Amethyst protects its owner from becoming inebriated. A stone worn on the body had a sobering effect, not only for the inebriation but in over-zealousness in passion. The religious […]


Amber Origin Amber is fossilised tree resin, appreciated for its colour and natural beauty since ancient Neolithic times. It is used for decorative pieces, jewellery, as an ingredient in perfumes and as a healing agent. The molecular polymerisation occurs during high pressure and heat by overlying sediment transforms the resin into copal, continually heat rids terpenes […]


Malachite is both a stunning and rare crystal that has increased its rarity due to its popularity way back through time. This copper carbonate hydroxide mineral has a spectacular visual appeal comprised of deep vibrant green and black bands that have enchanted civilisations throughout history. The malachite stone was thought to increase wealth, protect the traveller […]