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Crystal Directory – A directory of the most popular crystals used in crystal healing, written by Author, Therapist and Tutor, David Ellis.

As we are drawn to the Crystalline Energy

At different phases in our lives, we are inexplicably drawn to certain Crystals within the Crystalline Kingdom. Now discover the metaphysical meaning behind the magnetic appeal of the Crystal that has been chosen for you. See the extraordinary range of Crystals in our Store.  Learn about the fantastic healing world of  Crystal Therapy

The History

We need to realise that Crystals have been in healing use for many years. In ancient times, physical and spiritual healing were not separate. When a person was ill, they were treated holistically. Meaning that the physician would not consider the ailment but the whole being – body, mind and spirit. They would look for any imbalance in the energy field (aura). Then treat them with the crystal needed to bring their energy field back into balance. With their energy balanced once again, everything slotted back into place, and the individual healed.

Our Energy field

If our energy is out of balance, we can experience these symptoms. Ill-health, lack of well-being, tiredness, depression, stress. Also, lack of self-esteem, an inability to love ourselves and our lives, and just not feeling good. Physical, mental and emotional discomfort often blocks energy in the body, which creates an imbalance in us.

Optimum Health

To be healthy, we need a high vibration rate in all areas of our physical and energetic bodies. We need to have a clear Aura along with energised and balanced Chakras. Suppose something enters the body which irritates the system. Such as bad food entering our digestive system or a stressful situation disturbing our peace of mind. In that case, the result is a slowing down in the body’s regular vibration pattern, clogging in the Auric field and Chakra System, which can cause dis-ease or illness. (Dis-ease is the body in a state of being ‘not-at-ease’). We are then more susceptible to negative energies and harmful environmental influences which can invade us, and the cycle of poor health becomes self-perpetuating.

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