• Prancing beautiful fragile Blue Frosted Glass Unicorn

    This Unicorn is 20cm tall and 8cm wide

    It is made from Glass and is limited edition stock exclusive to Gemzworld.com

    On sale now – Only €29.00
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  • Beautiful Rose Quartz Spheres in a variety of sizes from 20mm to 120mm

    From India and Brazil

    From only €32.00 including stand


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  • Mind – Heart Connection

    by David P. Ellis

    Inspirational thoughts, quotes and aspirations for a balanced life.
    Tap into the field of infinite energy by reconnecting pure heart with the subconscious mind.
    Only €9.95

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  • Crystal Encyclopedia

    by David Ellis

    Crystals are not only astecially beautiful, but they also hold a magic of healing promoted by the Crystal Kingdom

    Learn more about the natural beauty and healing aspects in our Encyclopedia

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  • Natural Crystals

    To brighten your home or office and bring you well-being and happiness

    At GemZworld.com we are highly respected for our expertise and extensive knowledge of the Crystalline Kingdom.
    Each crystal is sourced with integrity. We value the veracity of every crystal we supply and will be happy to discuss your requirements, so please send us an email or browse in our store HERE

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With more than 20 years of experience in the enchanting world of crystals, we are delighted to share with you an array of extensive insight towards these unique Nature’s treasures.

At GemZworld, each crystal is cherished for its astonishing history, captivating beauty and gentle, yet powerful, vibration. Cared for with love and admiration, we think of our crystals to be not just valuable specimens of Nature, but as well a portrayal of virtues that we, at GemZworld, nurture in every aspect of life.

Visit and explore our retail store, and allow yourself to be mesmerized by Nature’s most exceptional works of art.

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