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  • The Avalon Faerie Collection

    ∼ Limited edition ∼

    by Alain Vachaudez


    Immerse into the essence of beauty and mystic realism.

    Explore more than a 100 Unique Fairy Creations!


  • Mind – Heart Connection

    by David P. Ellis


    Inspirational thoughts, quotes and aspirations for a balanced life.

    Tap into the field of infinite energy by reconnecting pure heart with the subconscious mind.


    Get your copy HERE and discover a gentle and easy way to unite your heart and mind.

  • Himalayan Salt Lamps

    ∼ Transform any space into a relaxing, healthful oasis. ∼


  • Amazing Crystals

    For Your Well-Being and Happiness

    At GemZworld.com we are highly respected for our expertise and extensive knowledge of the Crystalline Kingdom.

    Each crystal is sourced with integrity. We value the veracity of every crystal we supply.



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