Emerald a Crystal associated with the Heart Chakra, which is a variety of the Beryl mineral. It takes it vibrant green colour from the trace amounts of chromium and, at times, vanadium that infiltrate the mineral.

The majority of the beryls are formed in igneous rocks and related gneisses, mica schists and pegamite dikes. On other, less frequent, occasions the crystal can also be sourced from sedimentary rocks which includes limestone and shale.

Distinctive by their vibrant green hue, the emerald forms as massive or crystalline habit with a di-hexagonal di-pyaramidal crystal symmetry. They are transparent to opaque however a high end gem would have to be transparent with a pure green hue to be classified accordingly.

The stone has a vitreous lustre and an conchoidal fracture and is relative to beryl in hardness. Showing a Mohs scale rating of 7.5 -8.

Emeralds are used extensively for high end jewellery and adornment.

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