Rhodonite is a silicate of manganese, usually forming as a compact mass. Its colours are generally red and pink, sometimes with red or brown patches. A vein of black runs through the formation caused by the oxidation of the manganese.

The name Rhodonite comes from the Greek word meaning “rose-red”. It is found abundantly in the following countries. Brazil, Australia, Madagascar, Mexico, Sweden, India, South Africa, the USA and Canada.

Rhodonite creates a bridge between the Root Chakra and the Heart chakra. Promoting self-love and self-care and, in general, the energy of love and life. As we move through life, our head (ego) sometimes takes change and disconnects us from our true self. Our loving self. Rhodonite can help bridge that gap by connecting our Heart back into our physical existence.

Rhodonite brings a physical aspect of an emotional quest to bring more love into the world by acting as a catalyst for realising one’s purpose in life.

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