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With more than 20 years of experience in the enchanting world of crystals, we are delighted to share with you an array of extensive insight towards these unique Nature’s treasures.

At GemZworld, each crystal is cherished for its astonishing history, captivating beauty and gentle, yet powerful, vibration.

Cared for with love and admiration, we think of our crystals to be not just valuable specimens of Nature, but as well a portrayal of virtues that we, at GemZworld, nurture in every aspect of life.

Visit and explore our retail store, and allow yourself to be mesmerized by Nature’s most exceptional works of art.

international crstals

We pride ourselves on supplying the highest grade of vibrational crystals, healing crystals, fossils, silver semi-precious and precious gemstone jewellery, as well as in some rare, handmade Avalon fairies and figurines, made with love by creative and caring craftspeople.

As the crystals are our true love and joy, we hope you will enjoy our site and share the passion for Crystals with us.


May the Light of the Universe guide and surround you always,

Your GemZworld Team.