The story of Gemzworld


The story of Gemzworld begins with the vision of a man who became enchanted by Crystals and their healing properties. A successful businessman in the hospitality world with several successful outlets. He found himself dissatisfied, unhappy without not being happy. He just felt something was missing. But he had no idea what that was.

In 1996 he began his studies in Crystals and Crystal therapy. He found the subject matter fascinating and the whole aspect of energy exciting and illuminating. The odd thing for Him was, it all felt so familiar. The more courses he attended, the more he realised how little he knew. This fuelled the desire to learn more.

Crystal Healing, Crystal Therapy, Healing Crystals

A Crystal Healing Ritual

He continued attending courses and learning, always seeking a better learning solution. He decided to write his methods so he could teach the awesomeness of the Crystalline Kingdom more authentically. He opened the Atlantis Institute in 2008.

A Therapist since 1998

He has been a Therapist since 1998. Using his life experience and academic learning, he helps clients reduce stress in their lives, find harmony and balance, and find inner peace. He has since gone on to study and practice in Stress Management, Hypnotherapy, Counselling, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Reiki, Crystal Therapy, and Colour Psychology.

Laying Crystals on the Body

Laying Crystals on the Body

His love for the work and his passion for Crystals brought him on a new path of buying and selling Crystals. This was something new for Him, but he was confident in his pursuit, as he assumed everyone working with Crystals and everyone connected with the Crystal and Healing Worlds were Genuine, Authentic Light Workers, this He realised was not the case, he found that most people in the Crystal and Healing Worlds were Light Chasers and not Light Workers.

Sourcing our own Crystals

The whole experience destroyed His confidence. Suppliers offered him dead, dark, negative, de-energised Crystals that had been raped from Mother Earth. Offering Crystals for sale for greed with no consequence to healing. He decided to look directly to the mine owners of India and Brazil and import directly. A new learning curve, some bumps along the way. 

fluorite healing crystals


Eventually, after troubling encounters with dishonest and disingenuous brokers and mine owners in both countries, he found two suppliers that operated their business with honesty, integrity, and authentic love and care for the Crystals mining and selling.

This is why, when people look at Crystals from, they always comment that His Crystals are always so vibrant, energetic and robust.

He sources all our Crystals and Minerals, they are also cleansed by him, and he selects each crystal for his clients. Unlike some websites, the images on this site are of our own Crystals and Minerals and photographed here in our own studios. However, we do not charge the same high prices as our competitors, and therefore, the Crystal you will receive will be similar to the image, but not the same.

His motto is:

“If I have no honour or integrity – then I have nothing.”


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