Cinnabar crystals belong to the Trigonal system. White with Red inclusions and very beautiful.

Cinnabar was used in ancient South America as a pigment for art. It was also processed into a fine mercury for gilding objects. It was known for its toxicity to humans.The mining of the stone was seen as a death sentence to the ancient Romans.

The stone has been widely used for its colour. The Olmec culture used it extensively and it was found in the royal burial chambers during the Mayan Civilisation. Where in Palenque, the tomb of the Red Queen was found. Her remains and associated objects covered with the bright red powder from Cinnabar.

In China, the Song Dynasty employed Cinnabar in carved lacquerware.Where it was made less toxic through entraining the powdered pigment. Modern times saw the jewellery industry use a resin based polymer as a substitute for the toxicity.


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