Citrine – Associated with the Solar Plexus. A crystal of primary formation which means it was formed from molten magma. This usually happens in cavities in volcanoes where the combination of chemistry and structural arrangements of mineral deposits. Atoms and substances pass from gas or liquid into a solid state or by means of going out of solution by precipitation or evaporation.

This process creates silica acid which in turn cools to create Quartz. When trace particles of iron infiltrate, turns into Citrine.

Though Citrine occurs naturally, it is widely man made. Amethyst or smoky quartz can be heat treated at high temperatures so that the colour appears similar to citrine. These burnt crystals may contain indiscernible stripes, whereas natural Citrine gives a more transparent appearance

The name Citrine, was assigned to yellow quartz in 1546. The name is derived from the Latin Citrina, which means yellow. It was known as a merchent stone and was said to attract prosperity for their owner.

The history of the stone being documented is unclear as throughout history it has been mistaken and traded as other stones such as gold and smoky topaz.


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