Rose Quartz is also known as Pink Quartz, is associated with the Heart Chakra.

Rose Quartz is a variety of Quartz which is a silicate mineral. It is a crystal of primary formation which means it forms from molten magma. This process usually happens in cavities in volcanoes. This is where the combination of chemistry and structural arrangements of the mineral makes deposits. Atoms and substances from the residues pass from gas or liquid into a solid-state or through going out of solution by precipitation or evaporation.

Trace particles of titanium, iron or manganese that integrate with the silica acid particles during transformation. Give the quartz its beautiful pink colour. Otherwise, the formation would appear colourless.

The pink quartz, known as crystalline rose quartz, is formed when particles of aluminium or phosphate become ingrained in the formation.

All crystals belong to a different group according to the basis of the relationships of their axes. There are seven systems and 32 classes of symmetry. Pink Quartz crystals belong to the Trigonal system.


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