Ruby Fuchsite, a beautiful pale green and deep red mineral that occurs naturally. It is a variety of corundum, which is aluminium oxide, which is a form of mica. This wonderful combination of minerals was only discovered in recent times and is generally found in parts of India.

This crystal creates a bridge between the Root Chakra and the Heart chakra. Promoting self-love and self-care and, in general, the energy of love and life. As we move through life, our head (ego) sometimes takes change and disconnects us from our true self. Our loving self. Ruby Fuchsite can help bridge that gap by connecting our Heart back into our physical existence.

It is sometimes miss identified with Ruby Zoesite, the difference is very small, but Ruby Fuchsite has a pale blue halo like appearance around the Ruby. This pale blue is created by the inclusion of Kyanite.


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