3 Clear Quartz Crystal Spheres – Brazil



ITEM: This is an exquisite, finest vibrational, authentic ‘A Grade’ Natural Clear Quartz, Polished Sphere from Brazil.

SIZE: Our Clear quartz Spheres range from 35mm  55mm and weigh between 135 to 155 grams

QUANTITY: Sold in packs of 3 pieces with Stand

NOTE: As crystals are natural products, born within Mother Earth, they are natural products and may have some natural imperfections or hair line cracks or indentations on the outer surface of the Crystal. NB! The stand is not included.

OUR PROMISE: We promise to provide you with the finest vibration of Crystal, the Crystal you receive may differ slightly from that in the image, but will be no small, in weight or size.





The sphere is an ancient, universal symbol representing the oneness, unity, completeness and infinity of the whole universe. A geometrical shape that is perfectly round, Three-dimensional and circular, exactly like a ball. Sphere closely connected to the spiritual nature of our complete self, crystal spheres help to bring out integrity and clear thinking.

Traditionally, they are the symbol of hidden wisdom and the occult, among many more. Their uses include healing, cleansing, rituals, decoration with a purpose and crystal ball gazing. Unlike wands or points, these marvellous crystals equally emit energy in all directions, making them ideal for gathering a complete picture regarding self or situations. Depending upon the type of stone chosen, its energy will be dispersed throughout the environment evenly.


The word crystal comes from the ancient Greek word KRUSTALLOS – Meaning Frozen ice. The Ancients believed that clear quartz crystal was water frozen in time.

The crystal can be found in many passage tombs in Europe. In prehistoric Ireland, it was used for stone tools. The Irish word for quartz is grian cloch meaning “stone of the sun”. Clear Quartz has been valued by many civilisations as far back as Atlantis and the Egyptians.

Quartz is the second most abundant mineral in the earth’s crust after feldspar. It is composed of a framework of silicon-oxygen tetrahedral, with each oxygen being shared between two tetrahedral.

Quartz belongs to the trigonal formation system. An ideal crystal shape is a six-sided prism terminating with six-sided prisms at each end. Nicolas Steno’s study of quartz revealed quartz crystals size and shaped to have long prism faces always joined at a perfect 60-degree angle.

Well-formed crystals usually form in a bed with unconstrained growth. Doubly terminated crystals forms occur where they develop freely without attachment.

A quartz geode is a situation where the void is approximately spherical in shape, lined with a bed of crystals pointing inward.

Quartz crystals have piezoelectric properties; they develop an electric potential upon the application of mechanical stress.



Enhances energy flow, reduces swelling and pain.  Helpful to stop bleeding and has a soothing and positive effect on the skin.  Clear quartz reawakens those parts of the body that have been asleep, paralysed, numb or cold.


Emotionally clear quartz supports our limitations and boundaries.  It helps to allow our left and right brain hemispheres to work in harmony.


Known as the master healer, clear quartz opens ones intuition and strengthens our own point of view.  It encourages development for our inner growth.  Clear quartz opens us up to the knowledge we thought we had lost.  It is also a stone for enhancement.

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Additional information

Weight 145 g
Dimensions N/A

35mm, 40mm, 45mm, 50mm, 55mm


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