Aquamarine is a crystal of primary formation which means it was formed from molten magma. This usually happens in cavities in volcanoes where the combination of chemistary and structural arrangements of mineral deposits, atoms and substances pass from gas or liquid into a solid state or by means of going out of solution by precipitation or evaporation.

The crystal is formed in igneous rocks and often, granite. It can be found in other sources of sedimentary rocks like limestone or shale. Aquamarines can form larger more transparent crystals then the other Beryl varieties which are formed as hexagonal, columnar prisms.

Aquamarine is a blue or cyan variety of Beryl which is composed of beryllium aluminium cyclosilicate This is in turn, a group of the Silicate family. The Fe2+  ion is said to determine the blue colour whilst Fe3+  produces a golden yellow hue. The combination of these ions produces the darker, deep blue of the maxixe.

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