Aquamarine Tumbled Stones – Brazil – Pack of 1Kg



ITEM: These are exquisite ‘A Grade’ Aquamarine Polished Polished Tumbled Stones from Brazil

SIZE: Pack of 1Kg / approx 80 Stones – 15mm to 20mm diameter approx.


NOTE: As crystals are natural products born within Mother Earth, they are natural products and may have some natural imperfections or hairline cracks or indentations on the outer surface of the Crystal.

PROMISE: We promise to provide you with the finest vibration of Crystal. The Crystal you receive may differ slightly from that in the image but will be no smaller in weight or size.



Aquamarine tumbled stones are a beautiful soft blue-green Crystal with beautiful soft healing properties.

Aquamarine is formed in igneous rocks and, often, granite. It can be found in other sources of sedimentary rocks like limestone or shale. Aquamarines can form larger, more transparent crystals than the other Beryl varieties, forming hexagonal, columnar prisms.

Aquamarine is a blue or cyan variety of Beryl which is composed of beryllium aluminium cyclosilicate. This is, in turn, a group of the Silicate family. The Fe2+  ion is said to determine the blue colour, whilst Fe3+  produces a golden yellow hue. The combination of these ions produces the darker, deep blue of the maxixe.


Mental: Aquamarine bring clarity to mind and are known to clear up confusions and resolve unfinished matters.

Emotional: Aquamarine crystals increase light-heartedness, improve emotional discipline, and allows greater perseverance in the mind.

Physical: Aquamarine assist with hay fever and other allergies. They also help with eye problems, the thyroid gland and bladder and respiratory issues.

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Weight 150 g


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