The Avalon Fairy Collection

Alain Vachaudez created the Avalon Faerie Collection. The Collection reflects his spiritual and contemplative approach to life.

In the 130 different Fairy creations, Alain has captured the essence of beauty and mystic realism.  He has provided a collection of lead-free pewter and brass figurines that captures the imagination of all ages. He continues to create new models that broaden the collection’s appeal to the many Faerie believers worldwide.

The butterfly wings are collected from the butterfly farm only after the butterfly has passed on to the next stage of its life cycle. In the wild, the butterfly wings would only disintegrate. Thus, Alain has found a way of preserving the beauty of these wings

Alain Vachaudez

“Alan was born in Wallonia, on the southern plains of Belgium, where he spent the first part of my life. At 21, pushed by the freedom winds of the 1960s, he dropped out of the university and left home to travel the world.

Always fascinated by alternate realities and self-discovery, he taught himself to paint with oils to try and share his visions. In between tries he was lucky enough to earn money by selling paintings and decorating homes, restaurants and cafes. For the next 20 years, he never stopped wandering throughout India, Nepal, Australia, South America and Southeast Asia, keeping his heart and mind opened to the magical underlying reality. Charmed by the natural beauty of this ‘Land of Smiles’ and the easy-going character of its friendly people, he decided to settle in Thailand. After three years in the southern islands, he finally found a home in the green northern hills.

From the two dimensions of painting, he felt like enjoying three dimensions and started sculpting and modelling wax. One day, after an enlightening exchange on Celtic mysteries with an old gentleman from Brittany, he thought of trying to manifest the little people of fairyland. Helped by the metal-casting skills of jeweller friends and people collecting butterfly wings from insect farms, he had been able to create these little images that he shares- with magic – with loving people all around the world.

“These days all media sanctify violence and the inhuman transformations brought by the modern world are constantly menacing us. On the other hand, Fairies are the emissaries of a gentler side of reality, of a parallel dream time, where all beings enjoy life in harmony. They are delicate manifestations of the spirit of nature, of the joy and happiness to which all humans aspire. They remind us of the fragility of the beauty that surrounds us, which we must protect. All thoughts that link us to them form a message of love to the mother of us all.”


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