The Dancers Avalon Fairy Collection by Alain Vachaudez




About this item

  • ITEM: Item number 1960. This is a genuine authentic limited edition new Stamped Pewter Fairy from the Avalon Fairy Creation by Alain Vachaudez.
  • SIZE & WEIGHT: This Avalon Fairy 1960 is 200mm tall and 50mm wide. (Note that the measurement is approximate and could be a little larger). The Fairy weighs 240 grams.
  • COLOUR & DETAIL: The Dancers Avalon Fairy. The pewter is stamped with AV. The wings are a stunning Orange and Green
  • NOTE: This is a collector’s piece from the Alain Vachaudez creation. The wings are very fragile as they are real butterfly wings from deceased butterflies, coated in resin. The pewter is stamped with AV.
  • OUR PROMISE: We promise to provide you with authentic genuine collector’s items. The Avalon Fairy you see in the image is the Fairy you will receive.


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