925 Sterling Silver Snake Link Neck Chain



As the chain is not included, you may choose a chain from us.

Made from Sterling Silver, with strong and secure clasps, these are top quality necklaces and the perfect addition for our range of crystal gemstone pendants.

Please consider the weight and size of your pendant, so that you can be confident it will be strong enough and is a suitable chain for the practical and aesthetically look of your new piece.

All our 925 silver necklace chains are manufactured in Europe to the highest standards. The silver % is guaranteed and the hallmark is genuine.

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These Chains come in various sizes, each with a Lobster Catch.

The chain you receive may vary slightly from the images until we post our official images.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Chain Sizes

20" / 5.8 Grams / 1mm, 22" / 9.4 Grams / 1mm, 24" / 10.7 Grams / 1mm, 16" / 14.5 Grams / 1.8mm, 18" / 16.5 Grams / 1.8mm, 20" / 17.1 Grams / 1.8mm, 24" / 20 Grams / 1.8mm


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