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Amazonite and Jade Bracelet


ITEM: These are exquisite ‘A Grade’ Amazonite and Jade Polished Crystals on a beaded bracelet chain from India

SIZE: 18mm long

NOTE: As crystals are natural products born within Mother Earth, they are natural products and may have some natural imperfections or hairline cracks or indentations on the outer surface of the Crystal.

PROMISE: We promise to provide you with the finest vibration of Crystal. The Crystal you receive is the actual item in the image





Crystal Bracelets are worn for aesthetic, healing or protective purposes. They affect the entire body and energy field. The particular location of the stone is also not absolutely critical in most cases. Placing the stone on or near the specific area related to treatment is often faster and has a more focused effect. It is important to remember that Crystal Bracelets are energetic. They need to be cleansed regularly.


Mental: Amazonite Crystals strengthens logic and intuition to enhance problem-solving. It gives us confidence in our powers to achieve greatness and determine our fate.

Emotional: Amazonite unites the male | female communication and energies regarding love. It strengthens the balance of emotion and has a calming influence over mood definition.

Physical: Amazonite is a facilitator of childbirth as well as aiding the internal organs and harmonises vegetative nervous systems and the brain. Amazonite also helps to regulate metabolic disorders.

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